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Transponder Details

Transponder Scan at 12.418 GHz H 27500 3/4 (Sirius at 4.8° East)

Service Table

Provider Service PMT
TID SID Scrambled Last
successful scan
12.418 GHz H 27500 3/417-05-2008 05:32:21
Unknown ProviderAlphameric Games-12121Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderAlphameric Games plus SIS-12123Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderAlphameric Studio-12120Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderAlphameric Studio plus SIS-12122Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderALT VC 11-1212Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderALT VC 122-12124Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderALT VC 123-12125Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderALT VC 140-12141Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderALT VC 145-12146Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderALT VC 160-12161Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderALT VC 20-1221Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderALT VC 29-1224Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderALT VC 302-12306Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderALT VC 33-1234Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderALT VC 39-1235Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderALT VC 40-1241Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderALT VC 49-1242Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderALT VC 50-1251Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderALT VC 53-1254Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderALT VC 59-1252Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderATRi - English-12130Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderATRi - German-12131Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderAUDIO AND DATA ONLY - SIRIUS-1210Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderAUDIO CLEAR TEST-128FTA 
Unknown ProviderBAF Test-121001FTA 
Unknown ProviderBetfred-12160Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderBOYLES SPORTS-12145Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderBRAND TV DEMO-12205Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderBRAND TV TEST-121000FTA 
Unknown ProviderBTC Alpha Irish Data-12127Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderBTC Alpha UK Data-12126Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderCCC TEST CHANNEL-12115Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderCORAL - SIRIUS-1220Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderCORAL BIDS-1222Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderCORAL WITH SIS DATA-1229Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderDO NOT REMOVE-12200FTA 
Unknown ProviderEMP TEST ALT CHANNEL-127Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderEMP TEST CHANNEL-126Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderEURO RACING - NO DATA-1291Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderEURO RACING - SIRIUS-1290Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderFAZZT-12204FTA 
Unknown ProviderIntertrack-Data Tote SIRIUS-1270Scrambled 
Unknown ProvideriSIS Channel-12452Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderLADBROKES IP DATA - SIRIUS-1233Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderLTEST-1230Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderLXTRA SILVER-12202Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderSIS BTC - Vision and TText-1213Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderSIS Racing - Audio Only SIRIUS-12305Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderSIS Racing - Data Only SIRIUS-12304Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderSIS Racing - Germany NO DATA-12303Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderSIS Racing - Germany SIRIUS-12301Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderSIS Racing - INDEPENDENT SIRIUS-12302Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderSIS UK BTC-12307Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderSIS+-12400Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderSPECIAL LADBROKES - SIRIUS-1239Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderSPECIAL WILLIAM HILL - SIRIUS-1259Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderSTAN JAMES-12140Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderTEMP LADBROKES EIRE-1237Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderTEST CHANNEL 135-12135Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderTest2-122Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderTOTE - SIRIUS-1240Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderTOTE SIS AUDIO AND DATA-1249Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderVISION AUDIO AND TTXT - SIRIUS-1211Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderWHO IP CLEAR-1253Scrambled 
Unknown ProviderWILLIAM HILL - SIRIUS-1250Scrambled 
ARDalt (MDR S-ANHALT+)-1228329FTA 
alt (MDR SACHSEN+)-1228328FTA 
alt (MDR TH RINGEN+)-1228330FTA 
NDR FS HH+-1228325FTA 
NDR FS MV+-1228326FTA 
NDR FS SH+-1228327FTA 
Radio Bremen TV-1228385FTA 
WDR Bielefeld-1228306FTA 
WDR D sseldorf-1228308FTA 
WDR Dortmund-1228307FTA 
WDR Essen-1228309FTA 
WDR M nster-1228310FTA 
WDR Siegen-1228311FTA 
WDR TEST A-1228395FTA 

Transponder Statistics

SNR at transponder 12.418 GHz H 27500 3/4 (Sirius at 4.8° East)

Signal Strength at transponder 12.418 GHz H 27500 3/4 (Sirius at 4.8° East)

BER at transponder 12.418 GHz H 27500 3/4 (Sirius at 4.8° East)

Uncorrected Blocks at transponder 12.418 GHz H 27500 3/4 (Sirius at 4.8° East)

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